Lucy Davies is an artist living in London. She strives to broaden her perspective within a range of different mediums; photography, painting and drawing.

A graduate of City and Guilds of London Art School

Artist Statement

Through photography I am constantly inspired by the people that surround me; the events that influence your conversation, thoughts and actions. For me, keeping a documentation of life and its ventures, not only becomes a gateway for stories and memories, but holds a physical resemblance of time.

I am currently focusing on a series of documentative projects that through imagery i am able to bring to light and offer a window of perspective.  I really enjoy immersing myself into situations and attempting to capture the essence of a moment or event.

My physical material practise results in work that hovers beneath the threshold of visibility. Guiding you into a meditative other-world, through the physical use of materials. Responding to the reactions of paint or graphite, I aim to achieve an organic sense of embodiment created through the conversation with the medium and myself.

Beneath the blanket of muted tone, the paintings were once an energetic abstraction of colour, through this I look to highlight the core energy of the paint and use it as a malleable tool for movement and change. The use of impulsive, heavy marks, alongside those that are more illusive and delicate, leaves you feeling in contradiction to where your emotions lie. The paintings become a space to let go and to embrace your own perspective and interpretation.

For photography collaborations; editorials, event photography or any creative projects, please email me.


For CV or further enquiries please email: davies-lucy@hotmail.co.uk

My work is currently for sale via New Blood Art


The City and Guilds of London Art School Andrew Vass prize for Experimental Drawing


A Journey into the singularity of London’s Underground Scene / Hidden Sounds / Bethnal Green, London / 2019-20

Apple Palette / Belgrade Cafe / Stoke Newington, London, 2019

Interim / Mother London / Shoreditch, London, 2018

Interim / Crypt Gallery / Eusten, London, 2017


Schön! Magazine, The Violet Book, BLANC Magazine, Assemblage Fine Art Magazine, SLEEK magazine, Vogue Italia